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Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Justin Stubleski. I'm a young professional photographer based in West Michigan with lots of personality, a quick wit, sharp eye, and a head filled with fresh ideas & imagination. I'm young enough to get along swimmingly with your kids and old enough to deal professionally with the adults.

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Photography from The Art Institute Internationals of Minnesota, Specializing in Portrait Photography.

I'm a portrait photographer because I'm a people person. I'm genuinely interested in the individual and their story. We are all genuinely unique. Therefore we all have a unique story and perspective to bring to the table. I aim to capture that story with every piece of work I produce. It's my belief that everyone's story is worthy to be captured and displayed for others to see.

Anyone can take a picture, but I want to capture and create a photograph that tells your story. A photograph that embodies and encapsulates the essence of you.

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