ArtPrize 10

Sky's the Limit

Justin Stubleski of Muskegon, MI is a professional photographer and sales manager of The Camera Shop of Muskegon. Following high school, he immediately fell in love with photography, which allowed him to show others how he perceives our world in an entirely new light. Following his dreams, he moved to Minnesota to earn his BFA,eventually moved back to Muskegon to work at The Camera Shop. There he encourages aspiring and courageous photographers to pursue their mutual passion in the art of light. His work mostly centers around Michigan’s own backyard, perfectly blending the expectation of light with the disbelief of reality.“The night sky is both memorizing and awe inspiring. We seldom get to experience the unadulterated beauty of the night, the vastness of infinite space, and how small we are amongst an ocean of stars.”